W.E.L.L. (What Excellence Looks LikeTM)


Hospitality service training always starts with the end in mind - the critical success factor. Establishing the benchmark and clearly defined vision of What Excellence Looks Like is the foundation of elevating the delivery of service excellence. It all begins with establishing what excellent service performance looks like in each role and what the activities/responsibilities look like in the day to day tasks of each team member. Crystal Hospitality understands service performance, and how important meeting and exceeding guest, member and visitor expectations is to the success of developing customer loyalty to the organization. Developing a clearly defined explanation of What Excellence Looks Like within the daily tasks that all team members play is paramount to achieving outstanding service excellence - W.E.L.L.


Emphasis in this process is on positive aspects of the service journey, rather than pointing out deficiencies in technique. Strategizing a partnership process that involves managers and their teams is also a key element in the development of successful service results. Bridging the disconnect between expectations and performance is one of Crystal Hospitality's core strengths, and it can lead to satisfaction on both sides of what is all too often a difficult divide.


Crystal Hospitality's proprietary systems for collecting first-hand data from an organization's customers will reveal insights into organization practices that are either contributing to, or detracting from, service excellence and may be applied to all departments within the organization. An organization armed with that information, the task then is to strategize collaboratively ways in which to implement W.E.L.L., eliminate the "bad habit virus" and "short cut culture" that is passed along from associate to associate during the training and on boarding phase for new associates, as well as those being promoted to leadership positions within the organization.


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